Why our food digester is different

We are the only company in the world that has designed a food digester that:

  • can compost food waste
  • digests compostable packaging 
  • is able to compost the bioplastics PLA and PHA 
  • uses a 100% plant-based BioChips (No petroleum plastic is used)
  • gives you a detailed report of the quality of your greywater 
After many years of research we found the best machine for composting food, create a special bio culture mix and create a fossil plastic-free biochip. Providing the world with an alternative we created food-composter.com – Finally there is a good end of life for all the compostable packaging, PLA, PHA products and food waste within our liquid food digester.

Plant-based biochips

The reason why most companies switch to plant-based packagings like PLA bottles, cups and cutlery, is that they want to step away from fossil plastic. Fossil plastic creates microplastics in the environment and microplastic creates numerous health issues for animals and humans. EVERY other food digester has biochips made from fossil plastic, that releases microplastic into the greywater and into our water stream.

And after several years when the Biochips are replaced by new ones. the old BioChips are dumped in the garbage onto the landfill or incineration. Where they create even more harmful toxic and microplastics. 

And that’s why we created our special 100% plant-based biochips for our food digester. 
No harmful microplastics, no harmful toxic, Nothing. And you know what the beauty is from our Biochips? You don’t need to remove them from the food composter! When you add the new biochips you just leave the old ones in because they slowly decompose in the food digester.

Magic sauce for our food digester

In most countries, it’s not allowed to put compostable packaging (PLA-PHA etcetera) into the industrial composting waste stream/ green bin (it’s only used for composting food waste and garden waste).
Most of the compostable packaging products are designed to compost in facilities like this, but still, they are not allowed to be processed in an industrial composting facility. To us, buyers of compostable packaging and end consumers this is really strange.

We wanted to solve this problem and give the companies, using compostable packaging, a good alternative with the right food digester on location.

We have searched for years to find the right bio cultures to compost all different kind of compostable packaging – especially PLA gave us some headaches. But we finally found a solution and combined it with this amazing food digester. 

With our special combination of bio-cultures our food composter can also compost many different bio-plastics and compostable;e packaging. Below are some of the materials our food compost machine can digest. Depending on the thickness of the material it takes longer than food waste to compost these materials. We recommend to shredder the PLA bottles and other PLA products in to the food digester, so the bio-cultures can resolve the material quicker. When needed we can provide you with a mini shredder to do so. 


PLA bottles can compost in a food digester

Make sure your not contaminating the inside of the food composter with fossil plastic. Let take PLA bottles as an example. Search for a provider that also has a PLA cap and label. PLA bottles.EU is a 100% plant-based supplier.


PHA in a food composter

Polyhydroxyalkanoaat, is a material made by micro-organism. And more and more product will be made out of this material. It’s home and marine compostable So it can also be digested in our food digester because of our special ” magic sauce” 


bamboo plates can digest in a food digester

Bamboo is an ideal product for a lot of food-related items like plates and cutlery. And also a material that can be put in the aerobic food digester of us. Recommended is to make the material as small as possible so the enzymes have more surface digest.


compostable coffe caps

The use of hemp is getting more widespread in the food packaging industry. Keep in mind that the full product is made from this plant-based material. Like the coffee cups – some suppliers use fossil plastic or aluminum for the lite.


bagasse can compost in a food composter

100% non-toxic sustainable plant byproduct, like sugarcane. Mostly used for food containers and cups. Ideal as catering, food-truck, bakery, restaurant supplies, meal-prep and take-out.

Pressed leaf

banana leaf plates can compost in a food digester

Pressed banana or bamboo leaves are a product type that getting popular since more and more countries have bans on single-use plastic plates. It’s an ideal product for our composting machine.

FSC kraft

FSC kraft can compost in a food digester

Popular in the fast-food industry and food delivery. Food boxes are the most popular products. It can be composted in combination with a large amount of food waste in the food digester.


starch bags can digest in a food composter

This Starch bag is a well-seen product after the ban on plastic bags in many countries all over the world. Another product that can be easily digested in our food composter . 

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A food digester is ideal for:

Restaurants and bars

School and university

Cruise ships -oil tankers

Distribution centers

Island properties

Military canteens

Nursing homes

Remote camps

Humanitarian aid

Catering companies

Corporate cafeterias

Convention centers

Hospitals cafeterias

Bakeries shops

Theme parks




How can we/ our food difester help?

Every business that has food, bioplastic, and compostable packaging waste is different and needs a tailor-made solution to handle the waste stream in a correct way. In some cases food composters are not the best option and other solutions like Anaerobic digestion – incineration or recycling of the waste stream is a better option than using a food digester. We can support you in making the right choice.

When we decide that a food digester is the best solutions for your company we will look at what machine can work for you – now and in the future. Do you need one large machine in a central point in the building? or is it better to use more, but smaller food digesters at every individual food preperation or collection point. 


Beside the food digester we can also support you in choosing the right compostable packaging material for your needs. We have several years of experience and a wide network of partners that can supply, make, design and produce the right solutions for you. Let’s work together in making the world a bit better. With less food waste, CO2 emission and less plastic maked from oil.  

Please visit our Bio Materials Digester website for the latest food waste digestion information.