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Solving environmental and hygienic challenges in food waste processing

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We Take Pride In Pioneering A Revolutionary Waste Management Solution

At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we are dedicated to transforming food waste management and advancing environmental sustainability. Our state-of-the-art digesters present a holistic solution for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, process food waste hygienically, and save money.

Utilizing advanced technology and a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices, we ensure efficient digestion of both food waste and packaging materials. Our composting machines harness the power of enzymes to effectively break down organic waste, promoting cleaner and healthier communities.

Join us in our mission towards a greener future, where waste is transformed into a valuable resource and sustainability underpins every operation.

Our technology directly tackles several critical environmental issues:

  1. Reduced CO2 Emissions from Garbage Trucks:
    Traditional food waste disposal methods heavily rely on frequent collections by garbage trucks, resulting in substantial CO2 emissions. By eliminating the need for these polluting vehicles, our approach significantly reduces carbon footprint.

  2. Mitigation of Methane Emissions from Landfills:
    Food waste deposited in landfills generates substantial methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas. By diverting food waste from landfills, our technology plays a crucial role in reducing methane emissions and combating climate change.

  3. Elimination of Unsanitary Waste Containers:
    Conventional green containers used for food waste storage often pose hygiene concerns, emitting foul odors and attracting pests. Our solution provides a cleaner, odor-free, and environmentally friendly alternative, ensuring a more pleasant waste disposal experience.


Our composting machine expertise lies in its ability to break down food waste fast and efficiently through enzymatic aerobic digestion. This process harnesses the power of our special enzymes mixes in combination with our machine and a monitored process to transform complex organic compounds into simpler components.

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No Hassle

Unlike traditional aerobic digester machines, Our machine doesn’t yield compost as a final product. This unique approach eliminates the need for additional waste management, reducing workload and hassle.

Yes, also liquids

Our GS-Food Waste Digesters are designed to handle not only solid food waste, but also liquid products like soups and sauces. A feat unmatched by any other liquid food aerobic digesters in the market.

Unique enzymes

Our enzyme mixes are specially developed for us, and target specific organic molecules in the food waste, initiating their breakdown. Proteases tackle proteins, lipases address fats, etcetera.

It's so simple

One of the key advantages is its remote management feature. Simply place the food waste into the composting machine, and we take care of the rest. Our expert team manages the machines remotely, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your staff.

Fat Disappears

One of our enzymes in our mix is specially designed to break down the fat and grease in food waste. Resulting in a fat free waste stream. No blockage of sewage pipes or overloaded grease traps with our machines.

All the way

Our service is designed to provide comprehensive support. The Service agreement includes robust assistance from our center, online monitoring, and machine adjustments. Moreover, the agreement covers the supply of enzymes and process materials.

Quality Meets Innovation. Honoring Partnerships In Sustainable Excellence!


At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we collaborate with top-tier partners to integrate premium components into our digesters, enhancing their efficiency and longevity. Examples include Panasonic’s cutting-edge electronic components, IFM electronics’ precise sensors, and Varvel motors’ dependable power solutions.

By aligning with globally recognized companies, we tap into a wealth of resources, expertise, and innovative technology. This collaboration allows us to design and produce GS-Food Waste Digesters that surpass industry standards, guaranteeing seamless operation for years.

In summary, our partnerships with high-quality international suppliers are crucial for delivering unmatched reliability, durability, and serviceability. Together, we aim to provide exceptional waste management solutions that benefit the environment and communities worldwide.


our enzymatic products

Transforming Various Industries with Enzymes

In an era dominated by traditional chemical products, GS-Food Waste Digesters is pioneering a new wave of innovation with enzymatic solutions that not only match but exceed the efficacy of conventional chemicals.

Our journey started with a crucial realization: industries needed sustainable alternatives to chemical products. From household cleaning to industrial applications, the heavy reliance on harsh chemicals was harming the environment and human health. This insight propelled us to explore the vast potential of enzymatic technology.


Our enzymatic cleaners provide powerful yet gentle solutions for everyday cleaning tasks. These eco-friendly products effectively break down stains and grime without the harmful effects of traditional chemicals, making homes safer for families and pets.


Enzymes play a critical role in sustainable agriculture. They enhance soil health, boost crop yields, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, promoting a more environmentally conscious approach to farming.

animal Nutrition

Enzymes play a crucial role in enhancing animal nutrition. When added to animal feed, our enzymatic products help break down complex nutrients, making them more digestible and absorbable. This leads to improved growth rates, better feed efficiency, and overall healthier animals.

food processing

Enzymes in food processing enhance efficiency and quality. They assist in breaking down complex molecules, improving texture, flavor, and nutritional value, while also reducing waste and energy consumption.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

At GS-Food Waste Digesters, we’re proud to offer more than just composting machines – we’re pioneering a sustainable revolution in packaging. Our GS-Food Waste Digesters are not only capable of breaking down various plant-based packaging materials, but they also offer a multitude of environmental benefits.

Environmental Advantages of Plant-Based Packaging

By integrating plant-based packaging into our digesters, we contribute to a greener, more eco-conscious future. Here are some of the key environmental benefits:

  • Reduced CO2 Emissions: Plant-based packaging materials produce fewer carbon emissions during production and disposal compared to traditional fossil-based plastics, helping to mitigate climate change.
  • Elimination of Fossil Plastics: By utilizing plant-based materials such as sugarcane, potato starch, and paper pulp, we reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

We offer a comprehensive range of plant-based packaging materials to suit diverse needs and applications. From utensils and plates to clamshells, napkins, and cups, our selection includes a variety of eco-friendly alternatives. All our products are crafted from renewable plant sources such as sugarcane, potato starch, and paper pulp, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Join us in embracing sustainable packaging solutions with our GS-Food Waste Digesters. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing waste and building a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Foamed PLA

Plant-based cutlery

Water dissolvable napkins

Potato starch bowls/plants

Become a reseller:
By joining our reseller program, you can bring the benefits of our high-efficiency composting machines to a wider market while growing your own business.

Are you interested in becoming a consultant for our digesters? Let’s get in touch and see if there is a match.

UPDATE: We have decided to put a hold on new resellers until Q4 2024.

GS-Food Waste Digesters recently made a bold decision: We temporarily halt new reseller recruitment. Why? Because we are working on groundbreaking new composting machine design. These machines are set to redefine waste management, being more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. we’re planning to offer our resellers not just machines, but a complete package. This includes intensive training, marketing support, and access to a range of additional products and services. The goal? To create a strong network of resellers who can offer comprehensive waste management solutions.