Our clients use an Aerobic digester

Our manufacture of the machines is already active for more than 10 years. and there are machines in every corner of the world. The aerobic digester has proven his value and quality for many years now. 

Our concept with the combination of food waste, compostable packaging, and PLA&PHA is much younger. We see that our clients are mainly at events – fast food – sports arenas – resorts – hotels, where there is a combination of food and plant-based/ compostable packaging waste. 

If you have a food composter in use that does waste to water (like our Aerobic digester machine) we can also look at options to change the BioChips to our plant-based ones. So you remove all the microplastics from the greywater. we can also switch the bio cultures if you have compostable packaging like PLA as a waste stream. Let us show you an example of some of the locations where they benefit from our machine, BioChips, and “magic sauce”.

food composter machine ad university


Location: Iowa state 

Machine: 20 kilo’s capacity

Situated in the main cafeteria of the university. our Aerobic digester is also used for compost testing of different PLA products.

food composter machine at sport event - arena - Aerobic digester

Sport arena

Location: UAE Dubai

Machine: 200 kilo’s capacity

The machine is located at the central waste collection point of the building. Our Aerobic digester is connected to an irrigation system.

food composter machine at music events

Music arena

Location: Amsterdam

3 machines 50 kilo’s capacity

At several food outlets this location is using our Aerobic digester. The machines are connected to the sewage pipes for easy use.

food digester at an airport


Location: France

6 machines 30 kilo’s capacity

Different vendors at a small scale airport decided to use our Aerobic digester. They safe money on waste treatment fee and employee costs.

More Aerobic digester in use

cruiseline work with food digesters - aerobic digester

Cruise line

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Machine: different sizes

As a test case, they are using our Aerobic digester for several of their ships. For them, detailed reports of the grey water are important. 

food composter machine ideal for resorts


Location: Maldives Island

Machine: 100 kilo’s capacity

In the Maldives it’s not allowed to dump food waste into the ocean anymore. This resort made the switch to food composters, to safe the planet.

food composter machine ideal for catering - Aerobic digester

Catering/food production

Location: USA

Machine: 1000 kilo’s capacity

A food/meals  delivery company has an Aerobic digester in their industrial kitchen. Food waste and plant-based packaging go in. 

food digester in hotel restaurants


Location: Costs Rica

Machine: several 100 kilo’s

Using the outcome of the food composters for furtilizing the gardens of the hotels. They safe money and creat an closed loop and good story. 

Our Aerobic digesters

Small Aerobic digester

Medium Aerobic digester

Large Aerobic digester


Machines with a waste capacity from 25  to 100 kilo’s / day.


Machines with a  waste capacity from 250 to 1000 kilo’s / day.


Machines with a waste capacity from 2500  to 10000 kilo / day.

Please visit our Bio Materials Digester website for the latest food waste digestion information.